Technical Root Cause Analysis

Some situations or behavior require a deep understanding of its cause. An incident that should be avoided in the future, or a system that keeps failing in seemingly different ways. Situations like these require a Root Cause Analysis. AIVHY has the necessary skills and experience to provide the solution to avoid unwanted behavior in the future.

The AIVHY Technical Root Cause Analysis (RCA) service will provide essential in depth insight in unwelcome behavior, supported by facts and evidence. Our experienced engineers and researchers will work their way from the problem definition to the root causes solution, applying the most suitable methodologies and techniques.

When to call us?

An incident in your operational environment, repeating or catastrophic system failure, lacking performance, or an exceptionally high maintenance need. Each of these situations require in depth research, exposing underlying causes, to permanently improve the undesired behavior at the roots of the problem.

What is Aivhy going to do?

Our approach will be tailor made to your needs, but always involves the following steps:

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