What is Operational Technology (OT)?

Operational Technology (OT) is hardware with a digital or electronical core or software, that interacts with the physical world. This interaction includes sensing, actuating, direct monitoring and direct control of physical systems and processes.

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OT Cyber Security is different

Cybercrime could be a highly lucrative activity. Information could be stolen and sold, operations could be disrupted as paid criminal service or an entire company could be taken hostage for ransom. As soon as a company has value, it becomes a potential target for Cybercrime.

Recent development in digitalization and Industry 4.0 likely render OT environments not only defenseless against Cybercrime, but could even create a hard-to-close backdoor into your digital organization! IT Cyber Security applied within the OT environment will proof to be a poor fit. This is why OT Cyber Security must be approached correctly and prioritized at C-level.

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