Strategic Industry 4.0 training for Leaders

Enroll for our “Strategic Industry 4.0 training for Leaders” and lead your organization to a future of lasting Industry 4.0, ahead of competition.

A future of fully autonomous and highly dynamic production processes, self-optimizing machines, equipment predicting its own failure, and full digital integration across the company and along the supply chain. Industry 4.0 is the movement, mainly driven by data and emerging technologies, which make this possible. It sounds like an exciting future, but in fact, Industry 4.0 is here today!

Chances are that competitors already experiment with these concepts and started to improve their market position.

Study unit

This strategic Industry 4.0 training teaches the principles & challenges of Industry 4.0, Industry 4.0’s business potential & value, and provides a clear understanding of the techniques & technology involved on a function/business value level.

Participants of this strategic training will be equipped with the ammunition to envision and lead a business giant to a future of lasting and uniform Industry 4.0.

Participants of this Industry 4.0 training will learn the answers to the following questions:

Students who successfully complete this training will be able to:


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