Remote services

Sometimes instant expert services are required. When a sudden problem disrupts the productional process and needs to be resolved ASAP. When local experts can’t get a project flying and a set of fresh eyes could get things moving again, or sometimes just a sparring partner is what you would need right now. For these cases, AIVHY offers its remote services.

We offer all our services remotely and when our presence is required onsite, AIVHY is just 20 minutes away from the nearest airport.

So, how are we going to meet remotely?

AIVHY utilizes state of the art technology to provide the required services from any distance. The tools we selected do not require any installation and can be used on most operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and most mobile devices.

Distance never needs to be an obstacle for progress anymore!

Robbert Brand - Founder

What if a digital meeting is not enough?

AIVHY offers Advanced Remote Services for when conventional remote services do not cut it. These services utilizes augmented reality glasses enabling our experts to join your local field engineers, see what they see and provide them with live directions, stream documentation and visualize solutions. All this while your engineer keeps his hands free for his safety and work.

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