Professional Engineering

We love the challenge!


Engineering a professional Operation Technological (OT) solution takes much more than just a smart engineer. Professional solutions should be reliable, maintainable, fit for purpose, cost effective, proven and well documented. AIVHY understands professional engineering and has what it takes to provide professional solutions with minimal pain.

What makes our engineering so professional?

Professional Engineering is a method developed by AIVHY to deliver consistently high-quality results, independent of the performing engineers. The Professional Engineering method forces a planned and standardized approach to address an engineering problem with the best suitable solution.

How does Professional Engineering work?

Professional Engineering starts in close cooperation with the customer to acquire a clear understanding of what is required and if the requested solution is the best solution. Once the scope is determined, the problem would be divided into smaller parts for simplification and improved testability. The largest part of problem solving during Professional Engineering is transferred to the earlier stages of the process, allowing for structure and dividing work. Professional Engineering involves multiple test stadia ensuring correct functionality during simulation, functional testing and operational testing. Multiple experts are involved in the different stages to verify conformity and quality before the project can move to the next stage.

Each Professional Engineering assignment has a minimal set of required deliverables, each of them again measured against an internal standard. Minimal deliverables are Technical Documentation, User and/or Operator Manual, Signed Test protocol, Risk Assessment, Conformity Check and the Solution itself.

Who does the Professional Engineering?

AIVHY delivers Professional Engineering through our highly-skilled, experienced, creative and autodidactic engineers, supported by our processes and standards. Our engineers are amongst the best, driven by passion and a constant need to improve.

What does AIVHY engineer?

Our expertise covers the entire OT domain, starting with sensors and actuators in the field, up to the implementation into the IT domain and analytics in the cloud. We are able to connect your OT systems to your IT systems, develop custom tools and tailor made dashboards in the OT and IT domain, and apply Data Science to provide insight in the actual and future state of your systems.

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