Performance improvement

Performance improvement can be done by many. But is it done in the most cost effective way, contributing to your business goals?

AIVHY will boost your business goal contributing performance against minimal cost.

Select a target, aligning business goals

Performance improvement starts with selecting an improvement target, aligning with your business goals. Through Investigation and research will targets be selected where likely the biggest impact can be achieved, relative to the available resources. A well designed and deployed performance measurement system will heavily reduce the required resources in the selection process.

Measure real business goal contributing performance

Once the performance improvement target is set, the right performance indicators should be selected. These performance indicators shall act as an inverse loss function to the target, measuring performance gain during the improvement process. This means that a wrong performance indicator will lead to less optimal results in relation to business goals than would have been possible, even though the metric improved! For this reason, the selection process of suitable performance indicators should never be rushed.

Research and plan to value

As the Performance improvement target and indicators are set, the improvement investigation can start. The aim of this stage is to find performance limiting factors, estimate their potential performance improvement and determine the required changes to optimize them. During this stage of the process could different methods be used depending on factors like the availability of data, resources, documentation and testing opportunities.

The investigation phase will result in a first deliverable, being a presentation and actionable report. Both describing the chosen research path, applied methods and the results. These results consist of recommendations for improvement in processes, systems and / or machines, paired with a potential cost-benefit analysis. This report already generates value by addressing the identified low hanging fruits.

Improve and demonstrate performance improvement

The final phase begins as improvement proposals are approved, tested, installed and operational. Actual results will be evaluated during this phase. A concluding presentation and report will seal the performance improvement process visualizing the gained performance.

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