Management of Operational Technology

We ensure OT management to enable innovation

Management of Operational Technology (OT) provides insight into these questions and control over the answers by implementing smart tools, processes and automatically analysing real-time asset data. OT Management is crucial for successful innovation through the principles of IIoT & Industry 4.0

Key take away's


Improve uptime and predictability of operational processes and systems.


Reduce cost of operations and maintenance.


Increase resilience of your business.


Proof compliance to standards and regulations.

Values of OT management

Successful management of the Operation Technical environment will:

Elements of OT management

OT management may consist out of different components and should at least contain the following elements:

What makes OT Management a challenge?

Managing Operational Technology can be a very challenging task. It likely involves a symphony of Industrial Automation brands and system types, often including legacy systems. Only a small group of skilled engineers understand all these systems and become indispensable to your business continuity.

AIVHY Can help!

AIVHY is experienced in the management of Operation Technical environments containing any type, brand and age of assets, from state-of-the-art to legacy systems. Through our services, we design and implement your tailored OT management strategy to ensure resilience, performance, efficiency and business continuity.

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