Management of Operational Technology

Does your Operation Technological environment meet business needs?

Management of Operational Technology (OT) can provide insight in these questions, and control over the answers. AIVHY will bring your OT management to a level, required by your business needs!

What does OT management involve?

OT management could consist out of many different components, but should at least contain the following elements in order to gain control over the OT environment:

What does OT management bring?

Successful OT management will:

What makes OT Management a challenge?

Managing Operational Technology can be a very challenging task. It likely involves a symphony of Industrial Automation brands and system types, often including legacy systems. Just a bunch of skilled engineers understand all these systems and might become indispensable to your business continuity.

AIVHY Can help!

We are experienced in Managing Operation Technical environments containing anything from state-of-the-art to legacy systems while dealing with the vast majority of variation. Sometimes each system being unique, or many duplicate systems with minor differences. AIVHY can design and implement a tailor made OT management strategy, where no single individual would be indispensable and business continuity will be secured.

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