Cyber Security

Why would you invest in Operation Technological Cyber Security? Well, there is much more too loose than you might think!

We can bring your Operation Technological environment to a Cyber Security level that suits your business goals! AIVHY delivers tailor made Cyber Security solutions, considering OT, IT and business needs.

What if we do not invest in Operation Technological Cyber Security?

What if we do not invest in Operation Technological Cyber Security?

Every company that has value becomes a potential prey to Cyber Crime. Cyber Criminals will find their way to create a major impact with minimal effort. A non-Cyber Secured OT environment will be an excellent opportunity for a Cyber Criminal to make big money or create major damage!

How to recover when something did went wrong?

How to recover when something did went wrong?

Cyber Resilience is the ability of an organization to maintain stable production, during the event of a negative cyber event. Robust OT Management will improve the Cyber Resilience dramatically!

Why need an OT Cyber Security expert, if the IT department handles this already?

The OT environment has very different needs than the IT environment! An experienced IT Cyber Security consultant will not be able to achieve a lasting OT Cyber Security solution by deploying his IT skills. An OT Cyber Security expert, working hand in hand with your IT department, is required to achieve this lasting Cyber Secure OT environment and realize secure interconnectivity to the IT environment.

Why always combine digitalization with Cyber Security?

In the process of digitization, digitalization and digital transformation, systems that used to be disconnected become interconnected. This interconnectivity creates major value-generating opportunities, but also enlarges the potential cyber-attack surface of your organization. This is why digitization, digitalization or digital transformation should always come hand in hand with Cyber Security.

How to prevent degradation of Cyber Security?

Once an OT environment is Cyber Secured, the chance does exist that new attack surfaces are exposed or part of the Cyber Security policy are neglected. Regular audits will ensure compliance with the set policies and address potential new risks.

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