Industry 4.0

Is your competitive edge future proof?

We provide expert services and consultancy that help our customers to generate new business value from existing assets. We do this through the principles of Industry 4.0 with a real-world approach. This is what makes us unique and your competitive edge future-proof.

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Our real-world approach

Industry 4.0 holds an exciting future. A future that poses entirely new sources of business value and revenue. A disruptive transformation where organizations enter the 4th industrial revolution and leave their competitors behind through digitalization, integration, auto(no)mation, and insight.

Very exciting and crucial indeed, but how do real-world businesses with real-world budgets, real-world limitations, and perhaps even legacy systems take part in this disruptive transformation?

AIVHY’s Master Plan of Approach is the answer:

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a journey. A disruptive force that generates new business value and opens new revenue streams by applying digitalization principles, advanced data analytics, connectivity, modern computing, and emerging technologies to the industrial environment. Also, Industry 4.0 is about horizontal & vertical digital integration, both within the organization and across the supply chain.

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Kick Start

The latest achievements in modern industry are truly magnificent and still barely scratching the surface of what is truly possible. Many companies are on the verge of implementing modern innovations, or already have started their innovative programs towards implementation of the fourth industrial revolution. Many realize that those who do not adapt, will drown as their competitors do improve their value and boost efficiency through modern technological innovations.

AIVHY’s Kick Starter provides an accessible starting point for production companies, warehousing & logistics operators, Ports, and any other companies that work in an industrial environment, to continuously reach optimal business potential and open new revenue streams. The Kick Starter makes this possible through accessible innovation, technology, and smart use of data built on existing assets.

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