Implementation service

We help to realize your transformation to Industry 4.0

AIVHY’s implementation services cover each aspect of digital transformation to Industry 4.0. From people and strategy to realization and support.

Key take away's

Full Realization

Our implementation services can realize every aspect of your digitalization project and innovation roadmap, covering strategy, people, process and technology.
We do the work!

Existing assets

We built further and integrate with your existing assets, no matter what age they are.
We could even digitalize a steam machine!

Vendor independent

AIVHY does not benefit from pushing certain brands. Therefore, we can work with the brands and systems that are best for the project.


AIVHY believes that openness is the only way modern innovation can last. Therefore, we avoid vendor lock-in and work with open standards.

Full realization

Where our Kick Starter service provides you with a strategic roadmap to define and achieve your innovative future goals, our implementation services make them happen. We address not only the technical aspects of digital innovation but also facilitate the required changes in the organisation and processes.

Smart Industrial Automation
Container terminal stack arial view


"We analyse your organisation, technology and processes, help to set future goals, and define a roadmap to success"

AIVHY’s Kick Starter analyses potential and defines a roadmap to the defined future goals of your business. Our implementation services make the transformation a reality.

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Technical design

"We design the digital Industry 4.0 architecture and integrate with your IT systems."

Technology needs to suit your goals, in the short and long term. We design your OT, IIoT & Industry 4.0 architecture to be scalable, flexible, and affordable.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing
Mechanical installation


"We develop, install and implement the technical and digital design. We do this correctly, safely and cyber securely."

The fun part starts when the returns on investment become real. We will take care of the entire realization, developing software, adjusting machines & PLC software, connecting assets, and finally installing and testing the solution to your satisfaction.

Organisational change

"We facilitate organisational change."

People are the motor behind digital transformation. We ensure that your organisation is onboard, not only embracing but driving successful change.

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Digital support


"We support."

AIVHY’s support services ensure that whatever drives value through IIoT & Industry 4.0 remains operational.

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