Embedding digital transformation in your business strategy will be the most beneficial and effective choice to make for the coming decade. AIVHY is the perfect partner to help Industrially Automated enterprises with both strategical digitalization planning as also the technical integration and Organisational change.

Digitalization, what is that?

Digitalization, what is that?

Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation refer to the extent of the process where digital technology is leveraged and implemented in every aspect of an organization. Processes are reassessed and transformed into digital processes. New revenue streams are created and impossibilities become opportunities. Machines become Cyber-physical systems, existing in the physical world while synchronized and controlled from the digital world. People interact with the digital world, where they used to work analog.

Why should you transform to the digital space?

Why should you transform to the digital space?

The Digital Transformation of an organization brings new challenges and major opportunities. Problems are easier solved in the digital space as powerful tools are available to process and analyze while (cloud) computing performs the heavy lifting. Realtime insight can be generated, quality control could be automated, higher levels of automation can be reached and self-optimizing production lines become a possibility instead of a utopia. Artificial Intelligence, Personalized manufacturing and Predictive Maintenance can be implemented as the digital foundation is created.

The digital space is a very exciting dimension where things become possible, which wouldn’t have been without! Digitalizing your company unlocks the power of the digital space for your enterprise.

Robbert Brand - Founder

Digitalization gives instant access to leading specialists!

The digital space reaches almost any aspect of modern live, because of which so many tools, systems, processes and people are working in it. Once transformed to the digital space, world-leading experts become available, on-demand, to your facility.

Could digitalization include Big Data?

Yes, The step towards unleashing the power of big data becomes a small step, as digitized systems and processes now exist in the digital space. Data could easily be collected in (cloud) data lakes feeding your Big Data storages, waiting for value generation.

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