Cyber Security

We ensure the Cyber Security of digital innovation

We ensure Cyber Security of innovation. We do this in all our services and solutions with an extra focus on the Operation Technological environment.

Key take away's


We integrate Cyber Security by design in all services, solutions, processes and advice.


Industrial IoT must be implemented Cyber Secure from the start, or it will not only endanger information, but also people.

Operational Technology

Operational Technology OT requires different Cyber Security measures than Information Technology IT.


Cyber Security must involve People, Processes and Technology to improve. Our approach addresses all of them.

Cyber Security in all we do

We integrated Cyber Security by design in all services, solutions, processes and advice. This means that we ask extra questions about your current set-up, double-check the configuration of connected systems, and might advise you to make improvements to ensure your business continuity. Even when you didn’t ask for it.

Digitalization and Cyber Security

In the process of digitization, digitalization and digital transformation, systems that used to be disconnected become interconnected. This interconnectivity creates major value-generating opportunities, but also enlarges the potential cyber-attack surface of your organization. Therefore, digital innovation must always come hand in hand with Cyber Security by design.

Cyber secure ethernet switches and cabeling

OT vs IT Cyber Security

The OT environment has very different needs than the IT environment and OT engineers require different access rights and tools on their PCs. Therefore, an experienced IT Cyber Security consultant might not achieve a lasting OT Cyber Security solution.

AIVHY’s OT Cyber Security experts work hand in hand with your IT department to achieve lasting Cyber Security in the OT environment and scalable interconnectivity to the IT environment.

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