Our expertise and experience at your disposal

We offer consultancy and guidance for companies who may wish to keep their transformation in-house but require AIVHY’s expertise and experience to navigate the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

Key take away's

Expert Advise

We provide advice on Industry 4.0’s best practices and business cases, OT Cyber Security, and the sense and nonsense of IIoT


We provide project & digital transformation management services, write technical specification and guide tenders for our customers.

Peer Review

We perform peer reviews of technical specifications & technical documents, tender proposals, and Industry 4.0 & IIoT architectures

Sparring partner

We are your sparring partner to challenge idea’s, find weaknesses, identify unused opportunities, break open stuck (thought) processes and boost your team to its maximum potential.

Successful Industry 4.0

Transformation to Industry 4.0, implementation of IIoT and organisational change are necessary for modern businesses to stay competitive. However, each of these undertakings have their unique challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed from the start. Our consultancy services are available for companies who wish to perform these improvements by themselves but do need AIVHY’s expertise and experience to ensure success. Therefore we offer our know-how and guidance through our consultancy services.

Advanced network testing tool


The technology and innovation on which Industry 4.0 relies is still developing at a rapid pace. Monthly breakthroughs are achieved in the field of Machine Learning, Automation and IIoT. Most other technologies driving Industry 4.0 follow similar progress.

AIVHY is continuously watching the trends and screening technical developments, vendors, and scientific studies to provide the best advice and the most updated solution.

We are always close

AIVHY fully embraces all modern digital technology. This enables us to provide our services instantly around the globe, both remotely and on-site.


Is there a part of the realization that should be outsourced? Also then, AIVHY remains your partner through our implementation services.

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