We are experts in Operational Technology

We provide expert services and consultancy that help our customers to generate new business value from existing assets. We do this through the principles of Industry 4.0 and a real-world approach. This is what makes us unique.

Who is AIVHY?

AIVHY Ltd is a young Limited Liability Company, eager to shake the world of Operational Technology (OT) at its foundations. We bring innovation and manageability to your operation technological environment and ensure value creation aligning with your business goals.

Unique positioning

AIVHY Ltd is uniquely positioned in the market as we provide holistic services and consultancy for Operational Technology and the edges to the neighboring fields.

Lets focus on the holistic part. Our services are holistic, meaning that we address every aspect of a challenge. An Operation Technical challenge typically involves, next to technical aspects, also safety, organizationalmaintenance, strategicaland financial aspects. Our holistic approach enables AIVHY to address each and all of them. We will perform the required pre-investigative work resulting in an actionable report, analyzing the current situation and suggesting a path forward accounting for every current and future aspect of the challengePer the customers wishwe will implement the technological and organizational aspect of the solution, delivering a truly implemented, future proof, and fully operational solution without any headache for our customer. 

As exampleA customer has the wish to develop its business towards Industry 4.0 and realized that AIVHY would be the perfect partner to make this happen. AIVHY will establish a support base under the customers company management and board, followed by a Proof of Concept (PoC). We will proof the real-world value of the desired futureAs the organization becomes curiousthe right approach becomes crucial. A vision, strategy, masterplan, and shortterm value generating sprints are key to realize successful and self-sustaining growth toward harmonized future of Industry 4.0AIVHY has the knowhow and experience to lead this entire journey to success, taking care of every aspect of this transition while our customer has time to focus on the core business. 

Unique concept

AIVHY Ltd is only recently founded and already offers holistic services for giants. Our unique concept allows us to scale our teams and expertise rapidly and dynamicallySince the start, AIVHY has been improving her international network of top-notch freelancers and partners in their field. This broad network of experts allows us to assemble a dedicated and perfect matching team for any challenge. 

AIVHY stands for quality and consistency. A challenge handled by AIVHY will completely relieve our customer, providing them with time to breathe and focus on their core business. This promise for quality, consistency, and relief is ensured through our in-house developed Quality Management (QM) solution. This QM solution consisting of processes, manuals, and quality standardsempowering each individual, while ensuring consistency & qualitywithout ever making any team member irreplaceable. 

Preventing irreplaceability is in fact a good bridge to the last aspect of our concept. AIVHY’s services and consultancy will never lead to an irreplaceable partner. In other words, when we provide a solution to our customer, our customer is completely free and able to work with any other party to maintain or future expand on our deliverables. Our services are of such quality and uniqueness that there is no incentive required for our customers to stay with AIVHY. 

"Our brand stands for satisfied customers, impeccable quality, ambitious goals and rapid growth. We are proud to be AIVHY and would love to meet and discuss the value we have to offer for your company."

Robbert Brand - Founder

Our name and logo

Our company was named AIVHY, as this name matches our young and ambitious attitude.

Our logo was designed to reflect our precise skills and quality. The different technical depths at which we operate are reflected in the shades of blue, while a touch of youth and future can be found in the orange design feature.

Every letter in our name is symmetrical, reflecting the accuracy and consistency we deliver to every customer. AIVHY’s first two letters make a gentle reference to Artificial Intelligence, as this is where we believe the future is heading.

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