We help industries with achievable innovation

Our expertise

Industry 4.0

Increases profits by digitally integrating processes across business layers, departments, and the supply chain using data, smart and emerging technology.


Industrial Internet of Things connects sensors, machines, IT systems, devices and people to increase profit through insight, automation and digitalisation.


Ensures Cyber Security and Cyber Safety within the operational and physical layers of industrial processes, all the way to the cloud.


Applies the principles of Industry 4.0 & IIoT Cyber Securely within the Industrial environment.

Our services

AIVHY’s Kick Starter will identify opportunities within your current process by performing an analysis of your organisation, process and technology.

Gained insights will be converted into a tailored roadmap that defines realistic steps, enabling short-term achievable innovation and incremental transformation into a smart business.

AIVHY remains your partner during the realization of your projects and roadmap through our implementation services. We offer:

Full realization of your innovation roadmap and individual projects in all its aspects: technology, process, organisation, architecture, design & strategy.

Guidance in digital transformation, project management, technical specifications and tenders.

Consultancy through expert advice, peer review and as an experienced sparring partner.

We remain at your service, even after successful handover through our support service. We offer:

On-demand expertise and support.

Maintenance of IIoT, Industry 4.0 and smart Industrial Automation solutions.

AIVHY’s strategic Industry 4.0 for leaders study unit teaches the principles, values & challenges of Industry 4.0 & IIoT.

Smart Industrial Automation

Open solutions

All our solutions are open! That means that our solutions are not limited by vendor lock-in. Our customers are free to choose any partners for maintenance, support and upscaling of the solution, but choose to stay with AIVHY as a result of our excellent services and superior support.

Vendor independent

AIVHY is vendor independent! That means that we don’t benefit from promoting certain brands. Therefore, we can always offer the best solutions for every customer, based on the best suitable brands and products.

Existing assets

We expand on your existing assets! That means that we are able to work with, connect, and adjust your existing systems, devices, and machinery. We realize your future goals without forcing replacement of assets before the end of their lifetime.

New revenue

AIVHY can help to open new revenue streams! IIoT and Industry 4.0 bring major opportunities to restructure business models and open entirely new streams of income.

Always nearby

AIVHY is always close! AIVHY fully embraces all modern digital technology. This enables us to provide our services on-site or instantly remote around the globe.

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